Courion Compliance Manager for SharePoint

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Courion Compliance Manager for SharePoint

Courions Compliance Manager for Microsoft SharePoint helps IT administrators, security personnel and compliance auditors ensure conformance with internal security and compliance policies and procedures for protecting sensitive data against unauthorized access. The solution provides automatic discovery of SharePoint sites on one or more server farms, detection of SharePoint sites that are not in compliance with internal policies, and identification of all individual and group users and their specific SharePoint permissions.

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Imperva SecureSphere Standard Edition

Impervas SecureSphere Standard Edition was designed to make Web application firewall technology-protecting against app-level attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting-accessible to??ísmaller organizations by making it easier to deploy for IT departments with limited

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Infobright Analytic Database

With high compression and no physical data modeling required, the open-source Infobright analytic database has a small hardware footprint and offers fast query speed on vast amounts of data with virtually no tuning or maintenance, according to company officials. The result is a low-cost solution for analytic applications.

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HP Dynamic Power Capping

HP Dynamic Power Capping helps customers reallocate power and cooling resources in the data center by dynamically setting or capping the power drawn by servers. This eliminates the need for overprovisioning by precisely identifying how much power is actually required to run each server and setting a limit based on that usage. As a result, companies reclaim their overprovisioned energy to improve the capacity of their data ??í

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NetScout Sniffer Global

NetScout Systems Sniffer Global integrates portable protocol analyzers into a policy-based operating environment that is governed and controlled from a central authentication server. Combining desktop analysis software with a centralized control server and predefined policies, Sniffer Global controls what network data portable analyzer users have access to, and how deeply they can access and analyze network traffic or data. Sniffer Global offers a comprehensive audit trail of all users activities—detailing who has accessed the network, what they have accessed and/or monitored, and what function or analysis was performed on the data accessed.

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Spector 360 6.2

SpectorSofts Spector 360 employee monitoring application records Websites visited, e-mails sent and received, chats and instant messages, keystrokes typed, files transferred, documents printed, and applications run. Enhancements in the 6.2 version include the ability to handle massive amounts of data (to facilitate installations such as entire school districts, statewide agencies or multinational corporations), updated Website filtering to block the latest Web 2.0 sites, support for 64-bit Windows and optional privacy settings. Version 6.2 also includes a surveillancelike camera recording tool that shows in exact visual detail what an employee does every step of the way.

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DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege 4.0

Varonis DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege 4.0 let organizations determine who can access unstructured data and provide visibility into that access. Version 4.0 links data owners, users and IT; identifies the people responsible for unstructured data; builds policies that put data owners in control; provides business intelligence on data use; and protects data by enforcing business

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SteelEye DataKeeper

SteelEye Technologys SteelEye DataKeeper is a highly optimized data replication solution that builds upon Windows Server 2003 and 2008. DataKeeper provides real-time data replication that integrates with Windows Server Failover Clustering to enable multisite clustering while eliminating the single point of failure that a traditional shared physical disk cluster resource

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Optenets HostSecure enables organizations that host Websites to dynamically categorize and remove content deemed inappropriate—a function that will be especially important as the amount of real-time and user-generated material continues to grow. HostSecure protects providers from unknowingly exposing site visitors to inappropriate content, thereby helping to preserve their status as reputable and responsible

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Proofpoint Shield

Proofpoints Proofpoint Shield SAAS solution sits in front of appliances and other on-premises solutions, reducing the volume of inbound e-mail that must be processed by 80 to 90 percent, according to company officials. The new solution works with any on-premises secure e-mail gateway appliance, including the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway and third-party

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Client Side Monitoring for Intercept Studio

AVIcodes Client Side Monitoring add-on for Intercept Studio extends the health-monitoring capabilities of the platform by enabling the ability to detect and diagnose problems with browser-based applications. The add-on provides a more complete view of the end-user experience across application tiers by tracking and diagnosing the root cause of client-side issues, such as JavaScript errors and page rendering

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Comparion Suite

The latest addition to Expert Choices Comparion Suite, the TeamTime meeting tool allows organizations to gather input from geographically dispersed teams to collaborate, align decisions with organizational priorities and save resources. With TeamTime, all team members actively participate in the prioritization process, ensuring a better sense of stakeholder ownership and buy-in around