Current Corrals Web Content

Near-Time Current 1.5 makes organizing and sharing content a more automated experience.

Near-Times Near-Time Current 1.5, released earlier this month, makes organizing and sharing content a more automated experience.

Priced at $50 per user, Current 1.5 runs on Mac OS X and is a combination rich-text editor, blogging client, Web browser and RSS reader. Current is a client application in and of itself, capable of viewing Web and RSS content.

As a self-contained research application, Current has good organizational tools, including the ability to sort content within folders and groupings of similar content, such as drafts or feeds. Current features a landing page that lists documents and content, and it highlights new and unread items.

Current 1.5 users cant directly share data with other Current users, but, through Near-Times peer-to-peer data-sharing service, they can receive content created by users of Near-Times Flow knowledge manager. Current 1.5 does allow users to publish content through its blogging tool or to any Web server that supports WebDAV.

Current also allows users to automatically publish content—a potentially dangerous feature, although draft documents must be archived first.

More information about Current 1.5 is available at


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