CYA Tightens Collaboration Controls

Secure Collaboration Platform 1.1 offers granular rights management.

Secure Collaboration Platform 1.1

CYAs Secure Collaboration Platform excels at managing control over information that needs to be shared among multiple parties. As a collaboration platform, it does not offer the kinds of resource and information management capabilities found in competitors. In addition, companies will need to make a commitment to supporting a dedicated client, rather than just a Web browser.
















  • PRO: Excellent rights management features; easy-to-use interface; good security features, including authentication and encryption.
  • CON: Document viewer doesnt always render all information; requires running dedicated client; lacks workflow and discussion capabilities found in shared work space collaboration applications.

• Documentums eRoom • OpenText Livelink for Collaboration

Most collaborative software falls short in providing granular access rights for information shared across the system. CYA Technologies Inc.s Secure Collaboration Platform 1.1 fills that gap admirably.

Priced between $165 and $450 per concurrent user based on volume and shipping since last month, Secure Collaboration Platform gives companies very granular control over which users can access what data and, once accessed, what users can do with that data.

Although this product is more about access rights management than collaboration on the level of, say, Documentum Inc.s eRoom (see eWEEK Labs review of eRoom Version 7.0), Secure Collaboration Platforms collaboration limitations shouldnt be a small consideration during an in-house evaluation. Secure Collaboration Platform will best fit situations where sensitive data must be shared but the need to retain complete control of the data is paramount, such as with shared product research and development or contract negotiations.

During tests, we found Secure Collaboration Platforms interface intuitive, and the product was quick to pick up. However, there is no avoiding an investment in security training because a good understanding of the fundamentals of security goes hand in hand with using the product.

As with many other collaborative work space solutions, we could use Secure Collaboration Platform to create folders for holding shared documents. Secure Collaboration Platform differs from most collaborative applications, however, in that the documents then become the focus of collaboration. The product does not support threaded discussions; rather, users comment on documents using notes.

And unlike many collaboration systems, Secure Collaboration Platform does not include a customizable database application for creating, say, a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. However, it will be able to connect to other database applications, including CRM and enterprise resource planning systems, using individual connectors due to ship later this year.

These connectors will make the application particularly powerful in the enterprise because they will give companies a way to more tightly control access to particularly sensitive information, such as payroll data within a human resources management application.

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