Cysive Releases Web Services Tool

Cysive Cymbio Interaction Server 3.0 enables users to access applications through a variety of channels.

Cysive Inc. on Monday is announcing the Cysive Cymbio Interaction Server 3.0, which the company calls a new tier in enterprise computing that enables users to access applications through a variety of channels.

The Cymbio environment views Web services as a bridge and a key part of the companys "interaction" strategy, the company said. Cysive announced its product at the Internet World Fall 2002 show in New York.

Cysive officials defined its interaction tier as comprising interaction, presentation, orchestration and monitoring of Web services.

Nelson Carbonell, president and CEO of Reston, Va.-based Cysive, said Cymbio delivers on some of the promise of Web services.

"Cymbio adds another element to the architecture that allows applications to talk to a multichannel environment," including browser and other clients like mobile devices, voice systems and traditional environments such as messaging, e-mail and others, said Carbonell. "The interaction tier is based on Web services. The fundamental element is an interaction, which we call a Web service."

Cymbio Interaction Server 3.0 includes enhanced Web services support, a new visual design studio and a Web services management component, he said.

The new technology facilitates the development of what Carbonell called interaction scenarios, which manage business processes across applications. Cysives Follow-On technology, a feature of Cymbio, manages the business process flow, the company said.

In addition, by adhering to Web services standards, the company helps to ensure the applicability of the Cymbio solution, company officials said.

Carbonell said he sees many uses for the Cymbio technology including in customer service applications, sales force automation and field service automation solutions.

He said one customer is using an early version of the technology to integrate and orchestrate a variety of processes in a health care system.