Daily Video: Microsoft Blasts Google Over Windows 8.1 Flaw Disclosure

On Jan. 11, Google released details about another Windows rights escalation flaw, this one first reported to Microsoft on Oct. 13.

On that same day, Microsoft Security Response Center Senior Director Chris Betz took Google to task for letting slip the details of the latest vulnerability just days before the software giant was scheduled to issue a patch addressing the issue. Betz stated that Google's decision to disclose the flaw felt less like they were attempting to stick to their 90-day disclosure deadline, and more like they were having a "gotcha" moment.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released a new app that consumers can use on their mobile devices to quickly report digital rights issues when they spot them. Interestingly, the new app is not available yet in an iOS version; it's only available for Android. Apple's developer agreement, under which all iOS apps must be written for distribution in the Apple Store, has "outrageous terms" that the EFF would not adhere to, according to the group.

Red Hat is developing a new milestone release of its OpenShift platform-as-a-service technology that will shift the platform to Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration. The new OpenShift 3 platform marks yet another page in the continued evolution for Red Hat's PaaS effort that began with the acquisition of Makara in 2010.

A report from analysts at Forrester Research predicts that global spending on IT and communications technology by businesses and government agencies will jump over the next two years, led by the United States. The analysts also said that tech spending for new projects will see a boost over the next two years.

Forrester expects tech purchases by businesses and governments worldwide will grow 4.1 percent this year and 6.3 percent in 2016.

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