Dashboard Slickness

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Dashboard Slickness

The vice president of sales in our sandbox needs to see at-a-glance what his team can be expected to deliver in the next few months, and this dashboard gives him the information he wants.

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Task-Oriented, but Watching the World

Our sandboxs sales manager Will can keep one eye on his to-do list, another eye on opportunities in the system and his third eye on the companies he follows through Twitter.

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Simplicity When It Counts

Sometimes, all you care about are the big things, and that couldnt be truer than in the case of the accounts assigned to our sandboxs salesperson Max. All he wants are names and phone numbers, and hell handle the rest.

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Opportunity Knocking, Has Budget

The complete list of the sales opportunities for our sandbox company tells us how much is at stake, when its expected to close and whos responsible for the deal.

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Manage Planned and Active Campaigns

Tracking active campaigns is an important part of any CRM system, and Sugar Enterprise puts the campaigns assigned to our sandboxs sales manager at his fingertips.

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One-Stop Document Management

SugarCRM provides a framework for managing documents related to opportunities and allows searches against the associated metadata.

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Reports Rolled Up

Our sandboxs sales manager Will wants to know what deals should close in the first few months of 2012 and what those mean to his teams quotas.

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Reach Out and Touch Someone

CRM software is rooted in the contact management tools of years past. The difference is the integration with other aspects of the sales process.

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