Dont Underestimate Exchange

Testing the latest release of Microsoft's Exchange Server 2007 is no small task as the e-mail server has changed dramatically.

Microsoft has had, to put it mildly, a busy end of the year. Thats made me busy, too—most recently, with testing the latest release of Microsofts Exchange Server 2007.

So far, this has been no small task because the e-mail server has changed so dramatically. Theres the addition of unified messaging, the new Outlook Web Access interface, a new management console, a new command-line interface, new server roles, and integrated e-mail security and policies. And thats not even counting all the new scheduling capabilities available through the Outlook 2007 client.

Bottom line: Dont take an evaluation of Exchange Server 2007 lightly. Ive set up Exchange Server 2007 in an existing Exchange Server 2003 environment, with the goal of running them in parallel to determine if message storage is more efficient with the new platform. Ive found that setup of the 2007 server is more daunting than setup of the 2003 server. In fact, I had to install a significant number of prerequisites just to get off the ground.


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