Druva Data Management: Product Overview and Insight

Druva’s patented cloud architecture transforms backup data into an asset, making it more open and accessible so customers can streamline governance, improve cyber resiliency, and gain critical insights to uncover opportunities and expedite decision making.


Today: Druva (data management and protection)

Company description: Druva delivers data protection and management for the cloud era. Druva Cloud Platform is built on AWS and offered as-a-service; delivering globally accessible, infinitely scalable and completely autonomous enterprise data resiliency. Customers drive down costs by up to 50 percent by freeing themselves from the burden of unnecessary hardware, capacity planning, and software management.

Druva’s patented cloud architecture transforms backup data into an asset, making it more open and accessible so customers can streamline governance, improve cyber resiliency, and gain critical insights to uncover opportunities and expedite decision making.

Druva is a private company, founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. To date, it’s raised $328 million in venture funding from Sequoia Capital, Viking Global Investors, Tenaya Capital, Riverwood Capital and Nexus Partners. Druva was founded by CEO Jaspreet Singh and CTO Milind Borate.

Markets: Druva customers include leading companies in government, high tech, life sciences, manufacturing, consulting and education.

International Operations: Sunnyvale, CA (HQ)

Denver, CO; Reading, UK; Pune, India; Singapore; Wuppertal, Germany; Tokyo, Japan

Product and Services

The Druva Cloud Platform is offered as-a-service, providing a simple, scalable approach to take control of the most critical data. Now you can get visibility and control across your entire data footprint, all while realizing the full value and efficiency of the cloud.

Key products/solutions are:

  • Druva inSync: delivers unified data protection, management and information governance across endpoints and cloud applications. Delivered as-a-service, Druva inSync simplifies backup, archival, compliance and device management to reduce the cost and complexity of protecting end user data, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve data visibility. With single pane of glass management and self-help data recovery, your mobile workforce is protected without impacting productivity.
  • Druva Phoenix: delivers data protection and management for modern data center workloads with a unique cloud-first approach. Delivered as-a-service, Druva Phoenix combines high-performance, scalable all-in-one backup, disaster recovery (DR), archival and analytics to simplify data protection, dramatically reduce costs, and improve data visibility for today’s complex information environments.
  • Druva CloudRanger: the easy-to-use data protection and disaster recovery solution built for AWS workloads. Get enterprise ready data protection for your AWS infrastructure with full flexibility across AWS regions and accounts to ensure business continuity.

Key Features

  • 100% Software-as-a-Service, built on AWS: Built from advanced cloud technologies and microservices in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Druva’s solutions harness the native efficiencies and global reach of the public cloud while delivering storage flexibility, scalability, data durability, and security.
  • Up to 50% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Being 100% cloud-native, Druva requires no additional hardware or software for data protection, employs an auto-tiering model for cost efficient storage, provides global scale-out deduplication—reducing bandwidth usage by up to 80% with the smallest storage footprint, and offers customers a true consumption based model that eliminates wasted resources. Furthermore, there are no restore (egress) chargers and customers only pay for data stored, post global deduplication, in the cloud.
  • Industry-leading data security and privacy: Druva’s approach to storing enterprise data utilizes both an advanced data-scrambling algorithm and a unique envelope-based encryption model where the data and metadata are decoupled and encrypted. This guarantees that your data is only accessible by you—a critical component to meeting today’s stringent global data privacy regulations. Under no circumstances can Druva access your data.

Insight and Analysis

Here is a professional’s review of Druva from 2019 on IT Central Station:

How has Druva helped my organization? “Druva is one of the most trusted backup solutions for endpoint backup. It has helped us in backing up our endpoint machine, hassle-free. It is a very simple-to-use product, and users can even restore their own data. There is no administrative overhead in the product. You don't need a certified administrator to manage this product. Most importantly, the product is lightweight, as the client installed on a desktop or laptop is just 60MB in size.”

What is most valuable? "The features that we find valuable are:

  •     Geofencing (it allow users to restore data only in a specific network)
  •     Office 365 / G Suite backup
  •     DLP (Device tracking, Data wipe, and Encryption)
  •     Druva inSync Share (like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive)
  •     Restrict admin access to user data
  •     Mobile phone backup
  •     You can restrict backups to a specified network (e.g. mobile network)
  •     Resource throttling (CPU and Bandwidth)
  •     Legal Hold feature is available
  •     Compliance feature is also available"

What needs improvement? “This solution would benefit from the inclusion of an on-premise backup feature, as currently, they are offering everything in the cloud. We have seen that some customers prefer on-premise backup, so they need to think about this.”


Here is another professional’s review of Druva from 2019 in Gartner Peer Reviews:

Overall Comment: "Druva is a simple tool to back up your user's data to the one centralized server. It also offers privacy option for each separate user to decide whether his/her data backed up encrypted or not. This provides a transparent environment between user and company information security policies."

What do you like most about Druva? “It is easy for our users to back up their files through Druva InSync thanks to the its user-friendly interface. Also, it is install-and-forget application which does not throws error or problems frequently. I never had to check the server and application status for monitoring purposes. This one of its desirable features.”

What do you dislike most about the product or service? “Some users (about 3 users in 650 users) reported high CPU problems during backup process starts. After analyzing their computers for seeking the core reason of the CPU problem, we couldn't find any logs corresponds to it. That is why it's logging structure is not well developed. As I said in the title, Druva is not an enhanced solution for data backup.”

List of current customers: Flex, Hitachi, Live Nation, Marriott, Pfizer, San Jose Sharks

Delivery: Software-as-a-service, cloud


Subscription/credit pricing: Consumption based per TB pricing for data center workloads across cloud and on-premises, as low as $4 per user pricing for endpoints and SaaS apps. For more information, please go here.

Other key players in this market: Cohesity, Commvault, Rubrik, Veeam, Veritas

Contact information for potential customers:

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