E-Mail Over the Telephone

DPD's technology employs speech synthesis.

Cellular or touch-tone

A new appliance from DPD International Inc. uses speech synthesis technology to enable users to access their corporate e-mail from a cellular or touch-tone phone.

Multiple functions

MailSpeech, unveiled this month, works similarly to a voice mail system. Users dial a phone number and enter their log-in information, and the system reads back text-based messages. Users can reply to or forward e-mail messages, fast-forward or reverse through messages, and delete them.


To install the MailSpeech box, an administrator makes connections to an Ethernet LAN and to a PBX, then sets up user mailboxes. The system can access Microsoft Corp.?s Exchange or SMTP/Post Office Protocol 3 mailboxes, said officials in Anaheim, Calif.

Pricing starts at about $100 per user.