eFiles: June 25, 2001

Free IT certifications for GI Bill recipients.

Free IT certifications for GI Bill recipients

Comptia, or the computing Technology Industry Association, earlier this month announced that GI Bill recipients nationwide are now eligible for free IT certifications. The Illinois State Approving Agency for Veterans Education approved CompTIA certification for people who are eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill, the Veterans Educational Assistance Program and the Dependents Educational Assistance Program.

Beneficiaries will be reimbursed costs for any of CompTIAs seven certifications, which cover an array of IT skills including PC service, networking technology, server hardware and IT project management.

CompTIA is a nonprofit computing industry trade association representing more than 10,000 companies and IT professionals. More information is at www. comptia.org.

Copyright bill to ease e-learning

The u.s. senate has passed a bill that will ease copyright restrictions that have fettered e-learning. The bill, S.487, which had unanimously passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, passed a voice vote in the Senate.

S.487 will kill a requirement stipulating that copyrighted works used for educational purposes must be accessed only in a physical classroom. It will allow for the copying of copyrighted work that occurs when Internet material is downloaded. It adds films and videotapes to the list of permitted materials used in education.