Emerson Adds Visualization, Thermal Management to DCIM

Trellis platform integration with DSView management software enables simultaneous remote access and inventory management.

Trellis platform integration

Data center management platforms that coordinate control of both IT and the physical plant have made steady inroads in a few key verticals, mainly in manufacturing and retail, in the past few years. Now there's more capability coming into the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) space.

Emerson Network Power on Jan. 12 released new capabilities and modules for its Trellis data center platform, including the addition of a new thermal system manager, an environmental monitoring and management module that tracks the data center's thermal profile to the device level.

Trellis Thermal System Manager enables time savings on equipment installation, increased cooling efficiency, and helps to identify and eradicate hot spots, the company said.

This is the third major update of the Trellis platform data center infrastructure management (DCIM) since its initial release in 2012. Other new features include:

--integration with Emerson Network Power's Avocent DSView management software to enable secure, remote management of data center infrastructure;

--new 2D/3D visualization capability, to allow local and remote users to rotate, zoom and view equipment at the room, rack and device level, and view rack-level airflow temperature profiles, to improve capacity planning and utilization activities;

--performance and scalability enhancements specific to event processing, which address complex environments and growing needs in data centers of all sizes; and

--user interface improvements, including a user-friendly landing page and global header bar.

Trellis Thermal System Manager enables real-time, device-level thermal monitoring with 3D visualization—including the ability to pan and rotate to better understand airflow temperature profiles. These capabilities are aimed to drive energy reduction efforts by eliminating wasted cooling, ensuring timely response to thermal events in order to avoid downtime, and reducing operating costs by increasing the accuracy of thermal metrics and planning, the company said.

Trellis platform integration with DSView management software enables simultaneous remote access and inventory management—a capability unique to the Trellis platform in the DCIM arena. Users can access secure, IP-based remote infrastructure management and control capabilities through the Trellis platform, streamlining and simplifying access from any IT devices.

Trellis is a new-gen data center infrastructure management (DCIM) hardware and software package, first launched in 2012, that one simply plugs in, connects to all the necessary nodes and puts to work. It's not much more complicated than that.

Trellis offers complete control of—and real-time visibility into—a data center's daily workload production, both physical and virtual, necessary for an enterprise to accomplish these three goals: a) manage the workloads with speed and efficiency, b) keep the content secure at all times and c) do it all using less power from the walls.

Trellis' lineage can be traced both to its Avocent software origins and Emerson's long experience in physical data center and power backup systems, going back several decades.

For more information on the Trellis platform, go here.

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