Enterprise 2.0 in Action

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Enterprise 2.0 in Action

From Second Life job interviews to podcast memos, Enterprise 2.0 already has traction.

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Enterprise 2.0 in Action - A Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Some companies are using Second Life to interview job candidates. TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications hosted a virtual job fair using Second Life with employers such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Verizon participating.

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Enterprise 2.0 in Action - Did You Hear the Memo?

A message from the boss; facts about a new product; procedures for a new business process; help desk support tips. Download a podcast and listen. iPod is a way [employees] are looking at receiving information, said Denise Szczebak, director

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Enterprise 2.0 in Action - Look It Up in the Wiki!

Wikis have made their way into the workplace thanks in part to the influx of tech-savvy, entry-level Gen Y employees. Motorola uses more than 3,000 wikis to export FAQs, blogs and manuals to its 68,000 employees. The firms collaboration infrastructure no

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Enterprise 2.0 in Action - Don\t E-Mail It, RSS It

RSS is replacing e-mail as a means of disseminating info to the masses. E-mail was never designed to be a news source, said Charles Kevin Hill, IT entrepreneur at Cincinnati-based consumer products giant Procter & Gamble, which uses RSS to d

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Enterprise 2.0 in Action - IM ... When Did E-Mail Become \Snail Mail?\

Perhaps the most pervasive of Enterprise 2.0 technologies, IM is all but standard at most enterprises today. Employees and managers find it a more collaborative, immediate communications tool than e-mail, but not as intimate as that telephone you never an

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Enterprise 2.0 in Action - Where\d You Find That?

Now you can share your sources of information with enterprise-ready versions of social bookmarking sites. Stephen OGrady of market research firm RedMonk said, Its nice to see some of the more traditional tools get some [open-source collaboration]

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Enterprise 2.0 in Action - So If We Squish This with That...

Did you think Red vs. Blue was fun stuff? Mashups, though, are about even more than squishing maps into CRM applications. Ronald Schmelzer of ZapThink says the real meat behind the enterprise mashup is that the power to create business appli

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