Enterprise Apps Hangout: Moving Business to Mobility

QuinStreet editors from several publications gather in a live session Feb. 5, 2015 to discuss issues and trends around enterprise apps.

Feb. 5 at 10:30am PST we discussed "Enterprise Apps, the Cloud and Mobility": three topics of great interest to enterprises.

There are more choices and decisions to make than ever when it comes to enterprise CIOs, CDOs (chief data officers), data center managers and their IT applications. To cloud, or not to cloud? Private, public-only or hybrid cloud? Should all the apps be kept and maintained on site? Which ones, if any, should be mobilized? And what about maintenance cycles, federal and state regulations and security requirements that go with them?

This can get pretty complicated. Decision-makers need high-level, up-to-date advice on what new products and services are coming, so that they can make informed choices about IT purchases that make sense for their organizations.

QuinStreet Inc. editors on sites such as eWEEK, Datamation, CIO Insight, Baseline and Enterprise Apps Today are in constant communication with IT vendors, analysts, enterprise decision-makers, and industry thought leaders about these topics.