eWEEK Picks the Best of DEMOfall 2009

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eWEEK Picks the Best of DEMOfall 2009

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HP SkyRoom

HP's SkyRoom is a Windows desktop video conferencing solution that displayed some impressive capabilities for handling multiple participants and supporting high-level collaboration and application sharing during the conferencing session.

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Fuze Box Fuze Meeting

Fuze Box's Fuze Meeting provides a rich collaboration interface that treats mobile devices as full partners in the collaboration.

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Dotgo is a simple mobile service that uses standard text messages to provide information on nearly any business, online service or Website.

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Waze uses smartphone GPS to provide driving directions, but also uses the community of users to detect traffic problems and route users around them in real time.

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Armorize HackAlert

Armorize HackAlert is a useful security product that fills a mostly unmet need for Websites. It can scan live Websites and find out if they've already been hacked, a nice tool for a business that wants to find a problem before the outside world does.

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Cortera is an online service that provides credit information on businesses large and small, then combines the data with ratings from a community of small-business owners who provide feedback on these businesses.

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Anaplan is an online service with a highly modular design that makes it possible to build dynamic and collaborative business applications.

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A DEMOfall 2009 People's Choice award winner, Liaise analyzes every e-mail message users write to dynamically detect action items involving other people and develop a person-to-person project management system that helps users make sure important things actually get done.

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80legs is a service that uses grid technology to gain high levels of processing power to quickly crawl Websites and return data that can be used for analysis or for whole classes of Web-based data applications.

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CallSpark is a mobile application that makes it possible to enter a name and have multiple sources scanned for the person's number, from social networks to e-mail to enterprise systems such as Salesforce.com.

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Emo Labs

Another DEMOfall 2009 People's Choice award winner, Emo Labs has developed thin-sheet speaker technology that can be attached to the front of an LCD or television to provide audio of a higher quality than the thin speakers typically found in flat panels.