Excel 2011 Pushes the Envelope

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Excel 2011 Pushes the Envelope

by P. J. Connolly

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Set Sharing Options

When more than one person is modifying an Excel 2011 workbook, it's possible to define whose changes take priority.

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Sparklines Dress Up Data

Excel 2011 adds Sparklines, tiny charts that provide an at-a-glance summary of data, while remaining near the values that define the charts.

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Reorder the Ribbon

Excel 2011 users can reorder the ribbon tabs, for greater ease of access to frequently used functions.

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New PivotTable Builder

Excel 2011's PivotTable Builder allows users to intuitively pull together the data for a PivotTable by adding fields, changing hierarchy or reformatting numbers.

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Paste Data as a Picture

Excel 2011 allows one to paste a range of data as a picture, for reference purposes or to display data that shouldn't be changed.

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Find Data with Ease

Excel 2011 adds the ability to search within a spreadsheet for text, and will present all instances of a matching string.

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New Filtering Tools

Data is quickly and easily filtered in Excel 2011 to help locate crucial data without changing the contents of a worksheet.

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Find Worksheets with Color-Coding

Sheets in an Excel 2011 can be color-coded to make it easier to find important information.

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