Excelon Bulks up XML Support

Excelon adds greater XML and .Net support in new versions of its XML database engine and integrated development environment.

Excelon Corp. on Monday announced greater XML and Microsoft Corp. .Net support in new versions of its XML database engine and integrated development environment.

Excelon, of Burlington, Mass., announced the availability of its Extensible Information Server (XIS) Version 3.12. XIS 3.12 adds support for Microsoft Corp.s .Net interoperability, including interoperability between the .Net and Java 2 Enterprise Edition platform, said Coco Jaenicke, XML evangelist at Excelon. XIS 3.12 also includes support for XQuery—the XML query language—including XQuery use cases for better access to metadata in XML business documents.

Jaenicke said businesses can use XQuery to access metadata in XML documents or, with the new release, "if you dont want to use XQuery, you can use Verity full-text search," she said. XQuery, a World Wide Web Consortium standard is "the XML equivalent to SQL," the primary access language for relational databases, she said.

Excelon on Monday also unveiled Stylus Studio Version 4.5, an update of its XML IDE for building applications based on XML and the XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) standards. Stylus Studio 4.5 provides automatic generation of XSLT style sheets from HTML pages, Jaenicke said. In addition, the product features enhanced debugging, including new support for debugging .Net XSLT processors and Saxon XSLT processors, she said.

Excelons updated IDE also includes an XQuery editor, XQuery debugger and XQuery processor to enable developers build and debug XML applications.

And Excelons Dynamic XML Engine, which lies at the center of XIS, also got a boost, Jaenicke said. The engine features a patented distributed caching technology that parses the XML documents and store the data at the node level, rather than the document level, giving users more granular access to the data and an easier way to update XML documents and Web services applications, officials said.