Fedora 21 Linux to Get New Leadership and Direction

VIDEO: Fedora's outgoing Project Leader Robyn Bergeron details how Red Hat's community Linux project is evolving.

In February 2012, Robyn Bergeron was named Fedora Project Leader for the Red Hat-sponsored community Linux Fedora Project. On May 19, Bergeron announced her intention to transition out of the Fedora Project Leader role. Bergeron has not publicly disclosed when her last day will be as Fedora Project Leader, and Red Hat has not yet announced a replacement for her.

Bergeron is currently overseeing one of the most significant transitions in the 10-year history of the Fedora Linux project. With the upcoming Fedora 21 release, the project is taking a new direction with specific builds for desktop, server and cloud.

In a video interview with eWEEK, Bergeron discusses what's next for Fedora.

The Fedora 20 Linux release, code-named "Heisenbug," debuted in December 2013. Fedora 21 will take a different path than Fedora 20 with a new approach designed to make the Linux distribution more agile.

"Fedora 20 was a milestone release marking 10 years of Fedora and the 20th release," Bergeron said. "The community has now gotten to the point where it's not a one-size-fits-all product anymore."

Throughout its 10-year lifespan, Fedora has been built as a general-purpose Linux operating system that could be used for desktop or server deployments. With Fedora 21, the plan is to have products that are specific to desktop, server and cloud deployments.

As part of the Fedora 21 effort, Bergeron said that Fedora community came up with product requirement documents for each of the products to help define the intended purpose.

"If we're going to be able to do three products just as well as we do one currently, without our tripling our QA [quality assurance] or release engineering workforce, we really have to figure out how to automate more stuff," Bergeron said.

Watch the full video interview with Robyn Bergeron below:

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