Finally, an Outlook for Mac

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Finally, an Outlook for Mac

by P. J. Connolly

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Collect Messages by Conversation Partners

Outlook 2011 allows users to organize e-mails by conversation threads for an at-a-glance history of the discussion.

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Don't Give Up Old Data Yet

It took about 10 minutes for Outlook 2011 to import a CD-ROMs worth of archived data from an old installation of Outlook 2003 for Windows.

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Improved My Day View

The revised My Day view in Outlook 2011 displays events vertically, in the same fashion as the Calendar view.

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Ribbon Interface Organizes Tools

Outlook 2011 adds the "ribbon" interface that boasts a logical organization of tools and functions.

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Preview Attachments Easily

Outlook 2011 uses the QuickLook feature of Mac OS X to display attachment previews without requiring the launch of the source application.

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Filter by Message Category

Filtering messages by category allows users of Outlook 2011 to easily sift through their inboxes, making it easier to focus on the immediate task.

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Create Meetings from E-Mail

Outlook 2011 gives users the ability to turn e-mail into message invitations with a single click, and allows an instant view of the attendees schedules.

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Work with Many Mailboxes at Once

Users often have multiple e-mail accounts outside the corporate system, and Outlook 2011 provides a consolidated view of the inboxes for easier access.

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