First Hybrid Self-Checkout Installed In Metro Group

Metro Group has installed an NCR self-checkout package that reads RFID tags as well as bar codes, in the newly opened METRO Group RFID Innovation Center.

METRO Group has targeted November 2004 for the introduction of RFID into the logistics operations of Metro Cash & Carry, Real, and Kaufhof stores, and plans to be the worlds first retail chain to implement RFID across the entire logistics chain. An objective of the Innovation Center is to give METRO Group and its partners an opportunity to test the technology and be prepared for the November rollout.

"The deployment of RFID technology will make retail processes much more efficient at all merchandise flow points up to the front end checkout zone," said Dr. Gerd Wolfram, executive project manager of the METRO Group Future Store Initiative. "In the RFID Innovation Center, the METRO Group is also testing new ways to read RFID labels at the checkout. This will help retailers improve significantly their material flow and product selection. We are also working on effective ways to meet consumer needs for optimal data privacy."

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