Five IT Tools for Managing Bimodal Enterprise IT

1 - Five IT Tools for Managing Bimodal Enterprise IT
2 - PagerDuty
3 - Splunk
4 - New Relic
5 - Datadog
6 - Slack
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Five IT Tools for Managing Bimodal Enterprise IT

Bimodal IT can help companies increase their speed to market without sacrificing stability or quality. Here are five tools for bimodal IT environments.

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With a rising demand for uptime and speed, it's more important than ever for today's businesses to deliver reliable service to customers and resolve incidents quickly. PagerDuty offers DevOps and IT ops teams an incident management solution that overcomes the “noise" coming from all the different monitoring tools needed to get full stack visibility in the bimodal world. PagerDuty helps IT development and operations teams work collaboratively to address critical issues. This helps agile development teams improve their ability to release and integrate changes quickly.

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Splunk gives users a real-time understanding of what's happening across IT systems and technology infrastructure so they can make informed decisions. Splunk Operational Intelligence is a critical capability that helps enterprises operate responsibly at market speed, transforms an IT organization's ability to execute and establishes the fast feedback loop required for continuous delivery.

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New Relic

New Relic delivers real-time insights to help monitor complex production software by pinpointing common errors in production, identifying bottlenecks and diving deep into individual stack traces for the highest-throughput transactions. Performance analytics for every part of a company's software environment enable users to view and analyze massive amounts of data easily to gain actionable insights for apps, users and the business.

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Datadog is a monitoring service that brings together data from servers, databases, applications, tools and services to present a unified view of applications running in the cloud and provides deep visibility across the full breadth of IT infrastructure. These capabilities enable development and ops teams to work collaboratively to avoid downtime. Datadog monitoring scales alongside growing enterprises, providing monitoring as a service, turnkey integrations and real-time dashboards for expanding businesses.

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Developed originally as an internal tool to make game development conversations easier, Slack helps fast-moving teams communicate and collaborate. With a focus on integration, Slack allows all kinds of tools, such as HR recruiting platforms, business intelligence software and CRM platforms, to speak the same language and show information to the same users. This is key for IT staff to operate with agility and stability as they navigate through different aspects of the IT stack and development process.

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