Geekspeak: February 5, 2001

Be Browser Should 'Be' Pretty Good

With last months release of mozilla 0.7 for the be operating system—or Bezilla, as its called in the BeOS community—aficionados of the counter-culture operating system are getting a taste of full-featured Web browsing and mail support on their platform of choice.

Bezilla 0.7 is the first milestone release of the Mozilla port in more than a year and is the first really usable release to become available.

Opera 3.62 for BeOS and the native BeOS Web browser, NetPositive, are both quite a bit faster and less buggy than Bezilla at this point, but the inclusion of the browser, mail and composer programs in the Mozilla package should make Bezilla, once completed, the browser of choice on the BeOS platform.

Precompiled daily software builds of Bezilla can be downloaded at