Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up

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Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up

On Sept. 10, Microsoft PR dispatched a top 10 list of things enterprises should ask about Google Apps. Microsoft released the list after Capgemini said it would make Google Apps Premier Edition available on perhaps one million desktops. Here are Mi

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Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up - Enterprise ready?

Microsofts question: Google touts having enterprise level customers, but how many users of their applications truly exist within the enterprise?Why its FUD: There is no right answer. Whatever the response, Microsoft can claim 600

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Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up - Aligned with needs?

Microsofts question: Google has a history of releasing incomplete products, calling them beta software, and issuing updates on a known only to Google schedule. ... What is Google doing that indicates they are in lock-step with customer needs?**QTE

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Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up - Cost of doing business?

Microsofts question: Google touts the low cost of their apps—not only price but the absence of need for hardware, storage or maintenance for Google Apps. But if GAPE is indeed a complement to MSFT Office, the costs actually become greater

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Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up - Will Google last?

Microsofts question: Googles primary focus is on ad-funded search. Their enterprise focus and now apps exist on the very fringe and in combination with other fringe services that only account for 1 percent of the companys revenue. What happen

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Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up - Who is the user?

Microsofts question: Googles apps only work if an enterprise has no power users, employees are always online, and enterprises havent built custom Office apps—doesnt this equal a very small percentage of global information workers today?

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Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up - Collaboration conundrum?

Microsofts question: Google apps dont have essential document creation features. ... Additionally, while customers can collaborate on basic docs without [these] features, to collaborate on detailed docs, a company must implement a multipart pr

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Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up - Hosted apps hosed?

Microsofts question: What happens if a company needs to respond to government regulations bodies? ... Equally alarming is the definition Google has for downtime—10 consecutive minutes. What happens if throughout the day Google is down 7 minu

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Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up - Always on?

Microsofts question: In the world of business, it is always on and always connected. As such, having access to technical support 24/7 is essential. If a company deploys Google Apps and there is a technical issue at 8 p.m. PST, sorry. And if a c

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Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up - Feature parity?

Microsofts question: Google says that enterprise customers use only 10 percent of the features in todays productivity applications, which implies that everyone needs the same 10 percent of the features. ... How does Googles generic strategy add

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Google Apps: Microsoft FUDs up - Losing control?

Microsofts question: With Google apps in perpetual beta and Google controlling when and if they roll out specific features and functionality, customers have minimal if any control over the timing of product rollouts and features. How do I know how

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