Google Pitches GAPE to Resellers

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Google Pitches GAPE to Resellers

by Clint Boulton

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How the Program Works

Google provides sales and marketing, product training, support and other tools to resellers, which can market and promote GAPE to customers, setting commercial terms and billing them directly.

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Resellers Can Provide Services

Services may include, but are not limited to, e-mail and data migration; user education and training; custom development and data synchronization tools; desktop and mobile clients; and interoperability setup.

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Reseller Program Landing Page

Fill in company information and you're on your way to begin reselling GAPE.

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Solution Provider Site

A setup training page lets companies learn how to test and deploy Google Apps to customers.

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Partners Already Reselling GAPE

Have strong pro-SAAS (software as a service) sentiments? Google wants you to join its reseller program.

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Reseller Buy-In

Google's new reseller program has 50 partners out of the gate. Any interested business can begin reselling GAPE in March.

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