Google Surveys 360 for Analytics Suite Customers Debuts

Google Surveys 360 is aimed at helping enterprise customers of its suite of integrated marketing and data analytics products conduct surveys more easily, the company said.

Google Surveys 360

Businesses using Google's Analytics 360 Suite now have a way to create market surveys, acquire an appropriate audience sample and generate results more quickly and easily than if they farmed out the task to an external research firm. That's according to Google, which on Oct. 19 announced the availability of Google Surveys 360 for enterprise customers of its suite of integrated marketing and data analytics products.

Google Surveys 360 is designed to help companies make better business decisions by enabling new insight into consumer behavior and trends.

It will allow organizations to combine market research data with their existing marketing and brand performance data to better understand the how, why and where behind major trends in their market segments, said Dylan Lorimer, product manager, analytics solutions and measurement at Google.

Google Surveys 360 offers a ready panel of more than 10 million online respondents spread across a network of news, entertainment and reference sites as well as within Google's mobile application.

Enterprises can field questions to a target sample of their choice from within this base of online users and get responses in a matter of days rather than months in the case of an outside research organization, Lorimer said in a post on the Google Analytics Blog.

Google Surveys 360 allows business to create custom panels for surveying a validated and representative sample of people in specific locations or based on factors like ad-exposure and behavior. It lets companies measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns by geography, occupation and industry, Lorimer said.

Panelists answer survey questions in exchange for incentives from Google like access to premium content and credits on Google Play.

"TV advertisers and digital marketers now have a fresh way to view performance across every stage of the funnel—all in a matter of days," Lorimer said.

They can use the new research capability to gain insight into issues like ad recall, or which ads drove user interest, or shifted perception and intent to purchase, or which ads drove the highest consumer response. "Combine this with data modeling and analysis by Google Attribution 360, and the result is a full-funnel view of marketing performance, from awareness to action," he said referring to a tool for analyzing data from multiple streams.

Google launched its Analytics 360 Suite in March to give enterprises a way to build what it calls a 360-degree view of consumers using data about them gathered from multiple sources online.

The suite is made up of six products, four of which were brand-new when Google announced Analytics 360 earlier this year.

One is Audience Center, a data management platform designed to help marketers find new customers across different online channels and campaigns. Another tool called Google Optimize 360 aims to give marketers a way to test and optimize their websites so that users can have a highly personalized experience.

The other new products that Google announced with its analytics suite were Google Data Studio 360 for data analytics and visualization and Google Tag Manager 360 for gathering site-related information.

Jaikumar Vijayan

Jaikumar Vijayan

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