Google to Help Run Dart Training Programs for Developers Worldwide

The Dart Flight School events will be held from February through March in more than 50 cities.

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Google and other organizations are joining together to provide Dart training for developers through a series of educational events being held around the world from February through March.

The Dart Flight School training events were unveiled by Seth Ladd, a Dart developer advocate, in a Jan. 21 post on the Google Developers Blog.

"We invite you to get your wings and learn Dart at a Flight School event near you," wrote Ladd. "Throughout February, Google Developer Groups and other developer groups and organizations across the globe will host more than 50 events focused on teaching Dart.

Developers can register now for the events, which will feature activities from tech talks to code labs to help developers learn what they need to know to use client-side and server-side Dart programming, he wrote. Participants will also learn how to compile their apps to run across the mobile and modern Web, as well as how to use modern Web frameworks like Polymer and Angular with Dart, according to Ladd.
The Dart project was introduced in October 2011 as a structured yet flexible language for Web programming, according to an earlier eWEEK report. The project's goals were to make Dart feel familiar and natural to programmers while ensuring that Dart delivered high performance on all modern Web browsers and environments ranging from small handheld devices to server-side execution.

The Dart 1.0 Software Developers Kit (SDK), a cross-browser, open-source toolkit that aims to help developers build structured Web applications, was released by Google in October 2013, according to an earlier eWEEK report. The SDK includes the Dart Editor, which is a dart2js translator that allows Dart code to run in modern Web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari, and the Pub package manager, which includes more than 500 packages from the community.

The Dart Flight School training sessions will be hosted in a variety of venues around the globe, wrote Ladd, including some unusual and innovative locations.

"We're happy to see some groups really embrace the theme," he wrote. "For example, the Seattle GDG is holding its event in the Museum of Flight, and GDG Netherlands is hosting its keynote in an old Boeing 747. With so many events all over the world, we hope you have fun at a Dart Flight School near you!"

The first Dart events will be held Jan. 31 at Bayero University Kano in Kano, Nigeria; and in Panjim, Goa, India.

Events will also be held in Vienna; Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil; Seattle, Wash.; Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan; Los Angeles; Oslo; Stockholm; and in Warszawa, Poland, as well as dozens of other cities.

The in-person, community-run events are aimed at helping developers learn Dart and a related application, called Angular, according to the training program.

The events are being hosted to help developers all over the world try Dart, according to the group. Other groups that would like to hold their own Dart training sessions are also welcome to participate, according to Google. "In the weeks leading up to February, the team will also host Hangouts on Air sessions for potential speakers to answer questions and explain the content," organizers stated.

More information on Dart and the training sessions are available at as well as through a Dartisan community on Google+. The team also regularly answers questions about Dart on StackOverflow, according to organizers.