Google Unveiling New Google AdWords Innovations at Live Event

The announcements will be made on April 22 in a live-streamed event on the Google AdWords Blog that is open to participants who pre-register.

Google will be announcing a series of changes and new innovations for online advertisers in its Google AdWords program in a live online event on April 22.

The presentation, which will be live-streamed at noon EDT April 22 on the Google AdWords Blog, will feature Jerry Dischler, the vice president of product management for AdWords, as he shares details of the innovations with viewers.

To view the presentation, participants must pre-register for the event, according to a March 12 post by the Inside AdWords Team, on the Google AdWords Blog.

The session aims to give digital marketers new tools to help target their messages for products and services to consumers. The Google AdWords program lets online advertisers pay to have their targeted ads placed right on the same pages where consumers are searching on a myriad of topics.

"Building on the success of enhanced campaigns, Jerry will announce a number of new features that help you use context to reach customers in even more effective ways," the post states. "We've designed new tools so you can increase awareness and engagement everywhere your customers are online—from the Web, to the mobile Web, to mobile apps. And when it's time to manage your campaigns and measure performance, we want to help you do so efficiently in AdWords with new functionality designed for the multi-screen world."

The upcoming AdWords innovations come largely from requests over the last several years from small and large advertisers who asked for the new features, according to the post.

"It's an exciting time to be a performance marketer," the post states. "When we combine the creative magic of marketing with technology that's available anytime, anywhere, and on any device, we can connect with customers in more innovative and relevant ways than ever before."

Interested digital marketers can also follow the Google+ GoogleAds page for sneak previews of the new innovations as the event approaches. To join in on the conversation, participants can use the hashtag #StepInsideAdWords, according to the post.

Google regularly offers special events and training sessions for digital marketers as part of its ongoing services to its clients.

Last month, Google announced a series of online webinars to teach new skills to digital marketers who use Google's DoubleClick ad platform. The webinars, which are being offered through June, aim to help teach digital marketers how to use DoubleClick more effectively to help their businesses generate more clicks and more revenue. The webinars range from the fundamentals of DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) for rookies to presentations on platform changes from previous versions and advanced sessions on reporting, using in-stream video and more, according to an earlier eWEEK report.

In June 2013, Google bolstered its DoubleClick digital advertising and marketing platform with some key upgrades, including a new ad campaign manager and social media integration with Wildfire. The new features were aimed at helping online advertisers use digital media more effectively and successfully, according to Google.

The first part of the improvements was the replacement of the former DoubleClick for Advertisers interface with a new DoubleClick Campaign Manager, which Google called the biggest upgrade to the platform's core ad server in the 15 years since it was begun. The new social media features have been added to the DoubleClick platform through integration that's being built using Wildfire's social media platform, which Google acquired in 2012.

In September 2013, Google launched a new DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) Academy to provide more advice and self-paced training for its DoubleClick advertising service customers to reap even better results from their online ads in Google Search and elsewhere. The online academy provides help for general questions as well as more detailed, specific inquiries. The online DFA Academy is a self-paced learning path designed to guide users through core help articles and online training courses. It is designed around "checklists" that participants can use to mark their progress and new competencies before moving on to the next lessons and skills.

In February 2013, Google enhanced its AdWords tool to give digital marketers the ability to send the right ads at the right time to potential customers based on the devices being used, whether they are going to tablet computers, smartphones or other devices. The enhanced AdWords services also allowed businesses to get advanced analytics reports that will show them how consumers are connecting to the ad campaigns, including information about the devices being used, the times of the interactions and the locations of the users.