Google Updates Its Analytics App for Android

The new Google Analytics App for Android offers an improved look and feel, new tools and automatic resizing for different screen sizes.

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Google Analytics

Google has unveiled a new version of its popular Google Analytics app for Android devices so that business users can track how their audiences are responding to their online ad campaigns.

The new version was announced by Russell Ketchum, the lead product manager of Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, in a Sept. 30 post on the Google Analytics Blog.

"At Google, we want to build tools that help you stay connected no matter where you are," wrote Ketchum. "Whether you’re in the boardroom, at a live event, or even during a day at the beach, having access to Analytics at your fingertips is important."

The new app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store, replaces the first version, which was unveiled in June 2012 and has been downloaded more than 700,000 times so far, according to Ketchum.

"We’ve been listening to your feedback and hear you loud and clear: the Google Analytics Android app should do more," he wrote. "So today we are pleased to announce the launch the latest version of the Google Analytics App for Android devices."

Among the improvements in the new version are more reporting tools and enhanced functionality, including a redesigned look and feel, which is ideal for tablets and phones; new visualizations that automatically resize to fit your screen size and orientation; side navigation that mirrors Google Analytics on the Web for quick access to reports; specialized reporting for Web and app views; as well as an Overview screen summarizing key metrics from each report, he wrote. Also included are tools for deeper analysis via dimension-based drill-down in most reports; improved real-time reporting; and advanced segments to further analyze customer data.

"With the Google Analytics App, you can access all of your data—for both Web and app reporting views (profiles)—so you can keep track of all of your important data with reports that are optimized for whatever device you’re using, ensuring a beautiful and intuitive experience," wrote Ketchum. ''We’re also introducing new visualizations designed with tablets and phones in mind. Rather than getting overwhelmed with too much information on a small screen, you now see just the most relevant metrics on cards, so you decide when you want to drill-down for details or just get a quick update on your performance."

The new analytics app was built using Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps, which makes it highly configurable for users, he wrote. "We’ve made several improvements to the app based on your feedback and have more planned, so please keep it coming."

In September, Google unveiled a schedule of conferences around the world where Google Analytics team members will be arriving this fall to share their insights, lessons and experience with Google Analytics users so they can get even more for their businesses from the platform.

On Oct. 16, the Data Summit in New York City will feature Google Analytics evangelist Justin Cutroni, who will participate on a mobile panel discussing how mobile data is changing the ad target landscape as well as customizing mobile experiences for users, according to the post.