Great American Ball Park

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Great American Ball Park

Past and present collide at the Cincinnati Reds' Great American Ball Park, where one of baseball's most historic franchises has also become one of its most technology-savvy.

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Connected Ticket Kiosks

A row of ticket kiosks waits for game time. Running Windows Embedded software, the kiosks connect to back-end systems operated by Ticketmaster.

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Windows Embedded in Action

Running Windows Embedded software, handheld scanners at the stadium gates instantly validate tickets against an onsite database.

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CRM in Action

The Reds use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for all their customer relations. Here, a ticket agent on the phone with a customer uses the CRM solution (left) alongside sales data from Ticketmaster.

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Smartphone Reboots Displays

Reds IT chief Brian Keys spots trouble with a concourse display and reboots it using a Web application accessed from his smartphone. Within minutes, the sign is back up and running.

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Digital Food Menus

In just the past year, all food and beverage menus throughout the stadium have been converted to digital displays. Using a Web application developed by the team using the .NET Framework, the signs can be updated and edited from virtually anywhere, on virtually any device.

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Concession Register

A concessions register boots its Windows Embedded software before the game.

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Windows-powered ‘Jumbotron’

A spectacular, crystal-clear display towers over the left-field bleachers. During the game, the display is constantly updated with game progress, replays, graphics and fan interactions. The system is controlled from Windows-based PCs in a production booth above the stadium.

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Digital Content

Stadium displays push content throughout the game. Here, pregame ceremonies are highlighted during the singing of the national anthem.

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Production Studio

High above the playing field, the Reds' production crew produces and pushes content through all the stadium's displays. The entire production studio runs in a Windows environment.

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Digital Flagpoles

Even the traditional division standings flagpoles have been replaced with digital displays at Great American. During the game, the center field flagpoles show batter statistics and other relevant in-game content.

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Printed Material

From calendars to stickers, coupons and more, the Reds produce all of their print collateral on Windows-based PCs.

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