GSX Solutions' New Gizmo Tool Features Office 365 Support

GSX Gizmo can monitor and administer remotely not only Office 365, but SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business, BlackBerry servers and IBM applications.

Boston-based GSX Solutions, which makes monitoring and reporting software for on-premises and cloud unified communications, on Nov. 15 launched its new GSX Gizmo web interface, which features full Office 365 support.

Microsoft has made a major comeback in the cloud services business, led by its Office 365 franchise, which is selling like gangbusters as users move away from site-based licenses. This has made administrative monitoring of the apps used by enterprise employees an increasingly important factor in doing daily business.

GSX Gizmo can monitor and administer remotely not only Office 365, but SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business, BlackBerry servers and IBM applications, the company said. Office 365 management tools include advanced usage reporting, enterprise class administration and end-to-end performance monitoring.

"With the GSX Gizmo, GSX Solutions becomes this lean, mean machine to agentlessly monitor any platform with smart robot users around the globe. The new agile GSX Robot Users can be deployed in minutes and shoot back all critical information to a simple web interface," GSX Solutions Vice-President of Products Jean-Francois Piot said.

The new version features several key upgrades that simplify monitoring and managing communication environments. The GSX Gizmo Centralized Web Interface provides an overview into quality of service delivered in multiple locations. A dashboard is dedicated to each environment, providing advanced troubleshooting.

The Custom View setting filters information by platform, server, environment, or location, allowing administrators to observe only mission-critical operations and adjust to the existing organization.

The newly deployed GSX Robot Users are more nimble, and agile engines can be deployed in multiple locations to run scans and report back to the GSX Gizmo Web Interface from around the world.

The new Gizmo also features support for Skype for Business Online and SharePoint Online in addition to Exchange Online.

GSX Gizmo supports a range of Unified Communications applications as well as any network, identity management, security, operating system, database, or infrastructure issues that could impact the applications themselves. You can check monitoring capabilities here.

The company roadmap includes support for many other applications, including MDM (mobile device management) and other enterprise applications, GSX said.

GSX Gizmo is available for download here. You can view a YouTube video here.

Chris Preimesberger

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