Guardian to Roll Out Secure Mail Suite

The enterprise-class mail system features integrated anti-virus and anti-spam technology.

Guardian Digital Inc. on Monday will release its new Secure Mail Suite, an enterprise-class mail system that features integrated anti-virus and anti-spam technology.

The software scans all of a networks incoming and outgoing mail messages and screens out junk mail, viruses and messages containing malicious code. In addition, Secure Mail Suite has several security features, including support for SSL and TLS encryption and a secure Web mail option.

The new mail system is meant to work hand-in-hand with the latest version of Guardian Digitals EnGarde Secure Linux distribution. Version 1.5 of EnGarde includes updates to many of the operating systems security features as well as a new Web-based management console for remote administration.

Guardian Digital, based in Allenwood, N.J., is one of the few companies to capitalize on the need for security enhancements and stand-alone security products for Linux. While open-source zealots contend that Linux is more secure than proprietary operating systems simply because its code is open to review, that does not obviate the need for further protective measures.

In EnGarde 1.5, Guardian Digital has updated the built-in encryption technologies, gateway firewall and intrusion detection system and tweaked the security of the kernel, as well. And with the addition of Secure Mail Suite, users will also get an integrated certificate authority to handle management of digital certificates.

Both products will be available Monday. Secure Mail Suite is priced at $749 and EnGarde 1.5 is $729.

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