GXS Offers New Services for Supply Chain Visibility

Services include proactive alerts, order status and tracking and reporting capabilities.

Global eXchange Services Inc., the former business-to-business software and services arm of General Electric Co., announced today the availability of a new set of services designed to extend the companys supply chain management offerings.

GXS new solutions offer proactive alerts, order status and tracking and reporting capabilities, with new functionality that will allow collaboration among multiple trading partners, end-to-end order lifecycle management and functional acknowledgements.

The idea is that in addition to providing a connectivity platform for the exchange of business documents—GXS is a big EDI provider—the company can now provide critical information about the status of those documents.

The new services look to bring a number of features, including functional acknowledgement management that facilitates tracking, reporting and event notification.

An intelligent collaboration and event management feature helps streamline the management of supply chain processes through improved inventory planning, officials said.

The services also include aggregated supply chain data and shared visibility of multiple trading partners. At the same time, order lifecycle management capabilities expedite document turnaround and allow for self-service status inquiries and the ability to manage by exception.

The services are part of GXS plan to introduce new applications and capabilities around supply chain management.

GXS will also look to XML and Web Services to be part of its future.