HashiCorp Updates Cloud Infrastructure Tools

Terraform Enterprise enables teams to collaborate on infrastructure as code for safe and efficient provisioning automation.


Cloud infrastructure and DevOps tool maker HashiCorp has released the next generation of its Terraform Enterprise platform for provisioning cloud-based and on-premises infrastructure using a consistent workflow.

The new features of Terraform Enterprise enable collaboration among practitioners using HashiCorp Terraform and provide governance and policy management capabilities with HashiCorp’s Sentinel policy as code framework. More than 100 organizations participated in the beta which was unveiled at HashiConf 2017 along with Sentinel, the company said.

Terraform Enterprise enables teams to collaborate on infrastructure as code for safe and efficient provisioning automation, simple reuse of configuration code and policy as code automation to provide provisioning constraints while not unnecessarily blocking infrastructure provisioning.

New features in Terraform Enterprise include:

  • Workspace management and new modern and responsive UI: The Terraform Enterprise UI has been redesigned and integrated with Workspaces. Workspaces enable organizations to  decompose infrastructure into modular components that can be delegated and owned by separate teams. This is analogous to having multiple Git repositories which together form a larger application. Workspaces can then match an organization’s permissions structure and be used to delegate granular operational control. The modern and responsive web-based UI enables teams to use Workspaces to safely collaborate on infrastructure configurations.
  • Comprehensive API coverage: Terraform Enterprise provides an API for organizations to integrate with their existing tooling or application delivery pipelines.
  • Provisioning governance with Sentinel policy as code management: When provisioning at scale, it becomes difficult to make sure constraints are in-place to ensure business and security policy are being maintained. Sentinel is integrated into Terraform Enterprise to address these challenges. Organizations can apply Sentinel policies between every Terraform plan and apply to define which actions are allowed and denied.
  • SAML support: This enhances governance and secure sign-on capabilities for organizations using Terraform Enterprise. SAML eliminates all passwords and instead uses standard cryptography and digital signatures to pass a secure sign-in token from an identity provider to Terraform Enterprise.
  • Service accounts: This allows organizations to do service to service API integrations without having to authenticate with an individual user. This is ideal for organizations integrating Terraform into their application delivery pipelines. 


HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise is generally available now. Terraform Enterprise is available as a SaaS or private install option. For more information, go here.

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