Help Us Before We Put Ourselves Out of Business!

Would you buy a product that's designed to eliminate itself?

I put instant coffee in a microwave oven and almost went back in time." —Steven Wright From the "if a tree fell in the woods" corner comes this question: If, somehow, I owned and installed Atypie Softwares new product called "Kill the Spams," would I have received Atypie Softwares unsolicited e-mail that touted the virtues of the program?

Maybe the question better belongs in the "which came first, the chicken or the egg" corner. However, always alert for irony, I had to take note that the e-mail announcing Kill the Spams says it "will help keep your inbox free of unsolicited commercial e-mail, as well as malicious virus attachments."

In all fairness, the e-mail did not fit the usual spam template. I was not offered a way to earn millions off my computer even while sleeping. There was no come-on to click for live videos of partying coeds. It wasnt CDNow again trying to unload Britney discs.

Actually, despite its unfortunate name, Kill the Spams sounds like a pretty good product for 20 bucks, what with a "custom algorithm to analyze the e-mails" and a "built-in Visual Basic Script detector" to weed out viruses. Yeah, yeah. Thats written. Time to reopen the inbox, find the Atypie e-mail and hit the delete button.