Highlights of Lotusphere 2009

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Highlights of Lotusphere 2009

by Clint Boulton

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Blue Man Group Plays for Big Blue Crowd

Blue Man Group drums out its own tune, getting the Lotusphere audience pumped to discuss serious SAAS (software as a service) collaboration.

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Dan Aykroyd

Yes, that's Aykroyd, who came on stage doing his Beldar Conehead impression, which may have been funny on "Saturday Night Live" in 1978. Aykroyd, however, is a fine public speaker and didn't miss a beat when offering his own thoughts on collaborating on a movie set.

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BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Connections

The slide, preceded by Research In Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie talking up IBM and RIM's long partnership, says it all. The key difference with this new software is that it supports Lotus Connections' blogs, activities and communities.

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New BlackBerry Client for Lotus Sametime

The client integrates presence to help colleagues find each other anywhere, a key function in any enterprise.

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Lotus Symphony and Quickr Rock the BlackBerry

BlackBerry can now handle Lotus Symphony documents and Quickr team collaboration software. Support for Lotus presentations and spreadsheet will come later in 2009.

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Domino Designer with XPages Support

BlackBerry now supports Designer and XPages to enable easier mobile enterprise application development.

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LotusLive Unveiled

LotusLive is the new brand name for IBM's SAAS collaboration suite, an alternative to Google Apps and Microsoft Windows Live.

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LotusLive Engage

Engage is IBM's "Bluehouse" extranet social networking services renamed. Engage includes e-mail, Web conferencing, file sharing and other collaboration services.

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LotusLive Partners

Salesforce.com, Skype and LinkedIn have all agreed to integrate with LotusLive, extending IBM's tendrils to potentially 400 million users.

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From Atlantic to Alloy

Alloy is the IBM and SAP joint software development deal, in which SAP Business Suite reports can be accessed from within Lotus Notes.

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