How BlackBerry 10 Apps Drive Enterprise Productivity

1 - How BlackBerry 10 Apps Drive Enterprise Productivity
2 - Cisco WebEx Teleconferencing
3 - Box Cloud Storage
4 - MindLink Enterprise Chat
5 - Retain Enterprise Archiving by Gwava
6 - SalesNOW Contact and Deal Management
7 - Mobile for BlackBerry 10
8 - CounterPath's Bria BlackBerry 10 Edition
9 - ISEC7 Mobility for SAP
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How BlackBerry 10 Apps Drive Enterprise Productivity

by Darryl K. Taft

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Cisco WebEx Teleconferencing

Cisco WebEx is an easy, cost-effective way to exchange ideas and information online with anyone, anywhere on any device. Accelerate decision-making, keep projects on track and collaborate over the Web in real time with integrated voice conferencing, video and content sharing. Considered the market leader for teleconferencing, Cisco WebEx on BlackBerry 10 allows users to coordinate and join meetings directly from the BlackBerry Hub.

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Box Cloud Storage

Box makes storing and working with files easier. With millions of users, more than 75 percent who have access to the app use it, and the audience is shown to be highly engaged. With this latest version of Box, you can store up to 10GB of content using your BlackBerry device at no cost to you.

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MindLink Enterprise Chat

The communication needs of the modern workplace have changed dramatically. MindLink's enterprise chat app addresses some of the shortcomings of de facto email, providing secure, real-time, cross-platform collaboration. In one case, 125,000 users reduced email traffic by up to 75 percent and improved productivity by up to 20 percent. Using BlackBerry WebWorks technology, the developers were able to go to market with a brand-new, full-featured product with less than three months development, including re-using up to 75 percent of their existing mobile code base.

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Retain Enterprise Archiving by Gwava

Retain helps enterprises archive information in one unified location, helping lower costs, mitigate risk and stay compliant. This includes everything, from emails and phone logs to social media communication. Retain for BlackBerry has been providing BlackBerry Enterprise Service customers with archiving for all SMS/MMS, BBM, PIN and Phone Call logs for more than 10 years. Retain for BlackBerry is integrated with the BlackBerry Enterprise Service and is transparent to the device user.

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SalesNOW Contact and Deal Management

For sales professionals on-the-go, SalesNOW is a contact and deal management tool for use on mobile devices. Users can manage everything—from leads, deals and work tickets to managing activities such as calls, meetings and email. The developers chose to develop this app using HTML5 because it offers the best cross-platform compatibility. Since launching on BlackBerry 10, downloads have increased tenfold. The end result is an HTML5 application with speed equal to or better than the previous Java version.

7 of 9 Mobile for BlackBerry 10 Mobile for BlackBerry 10 aggregates popular Microsoft document-sharing and social applications into a single screen experience for the BlackBerry 10 platform. Business users can share documents and collaborate with colleagues using Office 365 or SharePoint on-premise, OneDrive for Business, Office Online and Yammer—all with a single app. The development of's app for BlackBerry 10 presented unique requirements to create a BlackBerry 10-specific theme based on a generic Sencha Touch architecture.

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CounterPath's Bria BlackBerry 10 Edition

CounterPath's Bria BlackBerry 10 Edition is an enterprise-grade, SIP-based unified communication client that provides users with the ability to make VOIP calls over WiFi or mobile data networks. This allows enterprise and business users to have a secure, mobile communication application that works with their corporate IP-PBX, allowing them to take work wherever they go. The developers originally considered simply porting their Android version of the app to BlackBerry, but during the process, decided instead to develop it natively for BlackBerry 10.

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ISEC7 Mobility for SAP

ISEC7 Mobility for SAP helps increase sales efficiency with mobile access to relevant data and workflows, and reduces costs due to reduction of paper-based process steps. It is compatible with several SAP enterprise software suites. On average, customers who use one of the provided standard packages like SAP Workflow, SAP ERP or SAP CRM are up and running within only five to 10 days.

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