How Blazent is Taking Data Intel, Management to a New Level

New platform creates so-called "Master Source of Truth," which also is called master data and is used across different departments, such as security, to mitigate risk.

Blazent enterprise platform

Data intelligence software provider Blazent is taking the old concept of master data management to new levels.

On June 24, it released a new enterprise platform designed to make it simpler and more efficient for companies to keep their data squeaky lean and clean as it moves through systems.

Blazent Data Intelligence Platform features a new big-data processing engine, a patent-pending five-step data evolution process for ensuring data quality in complex environments, and new analytics and auditing modules for enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs).

The data management platform is powered by high-performance applications that include ActiveMQ, Cassandra, Hadoop and Spark. Blazent's big data engine is optimized for scalability and data processing at near real-time speeds, CEO Gary Oliver told eWEEK.

The result is to deliver a full, near-real time picture of an enterprise's processes and general corporate health to senior-level executives.

"When we start to bring together data across service management operations, financial management, and risk management, for example, to really provide those kind of senior-level decisioning capabilities, that's where we shine. That's a great market for us," Oliver said.

In addition to the platform, Blazent is introducing a new Data Explorer module for reporting and GLOVE (Governance, Lifecycle, Operations, Validation, Expenditure) for IT service governance and auditing, Oliver said.

Blazent's patent pending five-step data evolution process begins with what the company calls "data atomization," which breaks down IT data, regardless of its source, to a granular level. It then enriches the data with identity management, relationship analysis, purification, and historicity.

Blazent works with more than 230 siloed data sources to create a single data record or "master source of truth," Oliver said.

This so-called "master source of truth," which in other systems is called master data, can be used across different departments such as security to mitigate risk. For example, Blazent verifies assets are identified, consistent and up-to-date across the entire IT environment. The platform provides an important verification and remediation mechanism that gives personnel insight into machines that are not properly configured or do not have the necessary software, such as anti-virus, installed.

The new new modules for the Blazent DI Platform are:

--Data Explorer: Out-of-the-box analytics provide custom dashboards and reporting based on aggregated data across 230+ data sources, including network monitoring tools, security products and service management offerings such as ServiceNow. Data Explorer provides an intuitive interface, simple configuration and one-click drill down capabilities, allowing users to make fast data-driven decisions for any related business objective, such as billing, security, or operations.

--GLOVE (Governance, Lifecycle, Operations, Validation, Expenditure): This offers refined analytics which are particularly useful for managed service providers responsible for managing vast IT services and solutions portfolios. GLOVE enables users to visualize the true life-cycle status of billed or allocated entities and is granular enough to obtain the insights required to effectively govern key auditable areas such as correct life-cycle status or account expenditures. Users can also run continuous end-to-end IT audits that establish trusted baselines, or identify rouge assets to diagnose over/under-billed services and analyze historical data trends.

Blazent, based in Burlingame, Calif., has been providing data governance, cleansing and validation for more than 13 years, enabling enterprises and managed service providers to make business decisions based upon complete and accurate data.

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