How Kaltura Will Enable Oracle Video Cloud

eWEEK NEW-PRODUCT ANALYSIS RESOURCE PAGE: Oracle adds advanced rich media capabilities to its cloud services, including interactive video creation and editing, management, search, cross-platform video playback and engagement and intelligent media analytics.

Oracle is well known for lots of things—among them databases, enterprise software and services, cloud applications and so on—but the company has never been connected very closely with video.

Until now, that is. Oracle already has database, marketing, development and business-application clouds; as of Sept. 5 it now has its own video cloud.

Oracle and Kaltura, a relatively unsung but globally important video cloud infrastructure provider, announced that Oracle will OEM the Kaltura Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS). This partnership enables Oracle to add advanced rich media capabilities to its cloud services, including interactive video creation and editing, management, search, cross-platform video playback and engagement and intelligent media analytics.

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With Oracle in the process of turning all of its products into cloud services and applications, there was no way it was going to leave out the video components relevant to all of this.

'Powering Any Video Experience'

“The mission of our business is to power any video experience,” CEO, Chairman and founder Ron Yekutiel told eWEEK. “True to that, over the course of the last decade, we've built a very strong horizontal IP stack to power up myriad different solutions, using video for a lot of different purposes.

“We provide video portals, webcasting tools, streaming video, video emails, smart analytics and many others. We also offer industry-specific solutions for education (internal for professors and students and for distance learning) and media/telcom. Kaltura also provides the infrastructure for OTT (over-the-top) television networks.”

Europe's Vodafone is Kaltura's largest customer; Oracle joins it as another large multi-national customer,Yekutiel said.

Kaltura will provide Oracle with all the underlying power and support it needs for virtually any type of communication application, such as videoconferences, online video advertising, internal meetings and everything in between. As a result of the partnership, Oracle customers will be able to use advanced video tools—all from Kaltura running under the Oracle flag—across all Oracle Cloud products.

For example, Oracle Marketing Cloud customers will use native video management distribution and engagement tools, as well as advanced video analytics tightly integrated into Eloqua and Responsys. Similarly, Oracle Commerce customers will utilize native support for video catalogs and “shoppable videos.” Finally, all customers will be able to use video tools for employee, customer and partner engagement.

Video a Key Element in Any Online Experience

“Video is a key element in almost any online experience today. It is an important data type that all companies need to ensure is incorporated into their existing workflows and experiences in a seamless and native way,” said Girish Bettadpur, Vice President for Oracle Content & Experience.

As part of the OEM partnership, Kaltura’s video APIs will become available within the Oracle Content and Experience Platform. Oracle customers will deply Kaltura’s cross-platform video player and interactive video capabilities; native mobile SDKs; and Kaltura’s Experience APIs, such as the Kaltura video capture tools, media upload SDK, video editing tools, and media enrichment workflows. These rich video capabilities will enable Oracle customers to easily incorporate engaging video workflows for marketing, sales, service, commerce, and employee engagement.

Oracle has been a long-standing Kaltura customer since 2013, using the company’s video products to power video across Oracle and to its partners and customers, for both internal and external video management and publishing.

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