How Pegasystems Is Helping Companies Transform the Customer Experience

1 - How Pegasystems Is Helping Companies Transform the Customer Experience
2 - The Hanover Insurance Group
3 - Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
4 - Cigna
5 - State of Maine
6 - TransCelerate
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How Pegasystems Is Helping Companies Transform the Customer Experience

Pegasystems is helping leading brands from around the world develop strategic business applications as they revolutionize the customer experience.

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The Hanover Insurance Group

Established in 1852, The Hanover Insurance Group, which has more than 2,200 independent agents in the United States, is on a journey to transform its business. The company selected Pegasystems to optimize processes and work management and leverage technology as a key competitive advantage. By using Pega Customer Service, The Hanover is on track to achieve a 20 percent efficiency gain in new business and retention. With new productivity improvements, operational efficiencies and quality improvements, the company is poised for growth by deploying its CRM platform end to end.

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Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

With more than 17 million customers in the U.K. and Ireland, the Royal Bank of Scotland has a goal to become the "best bank for customer trust, advocacy and service by 2020." RBS selected Pegasystems applications to leverage big data, predictive analytics and real-time decision-making to uncover the right insights that enable the organization to personalize every customer interaction on every channel. The ability to respond with speed, agility and accuracy in a highly automated way helps RBS react quickly to changing customer demands, improve its customer service and build deeper customer relationships.

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As the health care ecosystem continues to rapidly change, health care consumers are taking unprecedented control over how they purchase, access, consume and value health care services. The new health care consumer drives a new orientation on IT strategy, forcing organizations to redefine the way they engage their customers and changing the manner in which they operate within the broader health care ecosystem. Cigna has partnered with Pega to address these challenges and opportunities by implementing a core health platform to enable new models of payer and provider collaboration, support innovative consumer capabilities and increase business agility.

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State of Maine

Running on 20-year-old IT systems and paper-based processes, the state of Maine recently reached a point where it needed to revamp and digitize its operations to best serve the state's more than 1.3 million residents. Maine chose Pegasystems to transform citizen services, automating a range of government processes in a bid to cut administration costs by more than 10 percent. Using Pega Cloud, Maine increased development productivity by up to 90 percent, enabling the state to develop new applications in as few as 40 hours, shrinking the time to market for those applications from years to hours. Through this new approach, the state has been able to deploy a number of new, valuable digital services, such as applying for commercial fishing licenses online.

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The road from a drug treatment idea to public availability is long and expensive. TransCelerate is a nonprofit organization that works to shorten that road by collaborating across the biopharmaceutical research and development community to drive more efficient clinical trials. One of TransCelerate's solutions is a direct supply chain between pharmaceutical companies to more efficiently source the drugs that each organization needs to conduct clinical trials. TransCelerate chose Pega's technology to manage this supply chain process across participating member organizations—including 10 of the world's largest drug manufacturers.

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