How Smart Enterprises Utilize Business Intelligence


Companies often find themselves drowning in data—unsure of who their customers are and what their buying patterns look like, ineffectively tracking stock, or not providing sales agents with up-to-the-minute information when theyre on the road.

Smart companies are looking to get those issues resolved with business intelligence platforms or applications. There are numerous "solutions" out there with more coming.

But, instead of letting the technology choices befuddle you, use this educational eSeminar to help you unlock your enterprises brain trust.

Join associate editor and manager joins Seth Grimes, principal consultant at Alta Plana Corp., and Dr. Richard Hackathorn, president and founder of Bolder Technology, for a discussion on:

  • When to use enterprise BI suites and when to use BI platforms
  • Data-mining tools and concepts
  • New collaborative functionality and workflow capabilities in BI tools
  • New ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) capabilities
  • Supporting BI through Web services
  • "Enterprise-reporting-strength" BI suites for getting intelligence out in volume
  • BAM (business activity monitoring): real-time application integration with BI to provide alerts to users, who can then take immediate action

To help you get the most out of this eSeminar, weve put together a suggested reading list that will improve your experience and increase the value you receive.

Our Education Kit will help you get up to speed with busienss intelligence news and analysis before you attend. Check out the links below, then get ready to expand your newfound knowledge.

Education Kit:

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