How to Choose a Managed Hosting Provider for Your SAAS Solution - Page 3

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Tip No. 5: Partner with a hosting provider that is looking and thinking ahead to the next evolution of SAAS.

The SAAS model has unfolded in stages over the past few years. Currently, the industry is in the midst of Wave Three, which is expected to continue through 2014. During this time, SAAS will develop into a more mature business model as a focus on basic capabilities (such as uptime and rapid system response time) gives way to broader functionality. Customization, integration, data sharing, content management and APIs will promote more ubiquitous adoption of SAAS technology and will lead to workflow-enabled business transformation. By 2014, the SAAS model will likely change to adapt to the rise of on-demand infrastructure.

These progressions will happen quickly and will require you to make significant modifications to your infrastructure. One of the key factors enabling these major and rapid changes is the strength of your hosting provider. As you begin to shape or continue to refine your SAAS offering, you should regularly evaluate whether your hosting provider has the physical and technical resources to anticipate and address future SAAS delivery challenges that your business could face. Additionally, the provider should understand how to package, price and promote profitable managed services.

Selecting a hosting company that has widespread and established credibility in running a standard global enterprise infrastructure is essential to ensuring smooth and successful transitions across the various waves of SAAS implementation.

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