How to Set Up Digital Identities for Document Signing - Page 2

7 steps for signing Microsoft Office 2007 documents

Step No. 1: Click the Office button, Prepare, and then choose Add a Digital Signature.

Step No. 2: You will see a Microsoft Office dialogue box. If you already have your digital certificate from a certificate authority, just click OK. If not, you can choose to be redirected to obtain a valid signing certificate from Microsoft's Market Place.

Step No. 3: Click Yes to save the document as an Office 2007 format.

Step No. 4: A Sign dialogue box will appear that defaults to use an appropriate signing certificate. If you have multiple certificates installed, and this is not the one that you wish to use, click on the Change button to select the correct certificate. In the Purpose for signing this document text box, you can enter a reason for signing or leave it blank. Click the Sign button when all values are correct.

Step No. 5: The Signature Confirmation dialogue box appears. Click OK to proceed.

Step No. 6: If there are no problems with the certificate, the document will now be signed. Note that if the certificate you are using was not issued from a trusted certificate authority, a Signatures task pane will be displayed where you will need to correct any problems identified.

Step No. 7: The digital signature is now apparent in the lower left-hand corner of the document where a red ribbon is displayed. You can click on the ribbon to display information about the signing certificate and purpose for signing the document.