How to Use Google Spreadsheets for No-Cost Data Analytics - Page 4

The report tool is full of features and functions that will let you get more out of your data, such as filtering your report using the filter pane to make reports more specific. See the screenshot below. /images/stories/knowledge_center/antebi_graphic6of7.jpg

Or you can select and sort your top (or worst) data, as follows: /images/stories/knowledge_center/antebi_graphic7of7.jpg

To learn more about pivot tables for Google Spreadsheets, a short tutorial video can be found online.

Google Spreadsheets' analytics capability, like its other value-added components, can instantly enhance your use of business, organizational or personal information. Best of all, these features are no further than your Web browser. Give one a try and see if it doesn't make your daily tasks a lot easier and more productive.

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