HP Debuts Big Data Management, File Analysis Software Platform

HP ControlPoint and Storage Optimizer are designed to lower data storage costs and drive stronger compliance and information governance initiatives.

hp and big data

Hewlett-Packard rolled out two software solutions aimed at helping businesses leverage analytics and policy management technology. ControlPoint and Storage Optimizer are designed to lower data storage costs, drive stronger compliance and information governance initiatives, and accelerate the path to hybrid cloud environments.

Storage Optimizer combines file analytics with policy-based storage tiering and information optimization and provides connectivity to a range of repositories, including Hadoop, SharePoint, Exchange and others. The platform also offers enterprise-grade scalability, built-in workflow security and audibility features and seamless retrieval by end users.

"Businesses are generating huge volumes of new data every day, which can be put to good use. But the bottom-line benefits can be compromised if the data is not backed up and stored in accordance with its value and need for protection," Joe Garber, global head of product marketing for HP Software's Information Governance portfolio of solutions, told eWEEK. "Not all data is equal, and data needs to be backed up and stored intelligently in accordance with its unique characteristics and how it will be used."

Garber explained this is the key to lowering data storage costs, driving stronger compliance and information governance initiatives, accelerating hybrid cloud deployments and the associated cost savings to the enterprise, and maximizing application performance.

Control Point, which leverages the company's Haven analytics engine, helps bridge the gap between the IT, legal and compliance departments to ensure appropriate information is transparently and defensibly disposed, and delivers intelligence for more informed migration decisions. Control Point's integration with HP's Helion platform provides businesses with an all-HP solution for analyzing, migrating, governing and managing information throughout its lifecycle.

"Consider that unstructured—human-generated—data volumes are increasing 43 percent annually, at the same time that IT budgets are shrinking and the complexity of data is increasing rapidly, especially for unstructured information," Garber said. "More organizations are realizing that measures are needed to address these challenges before the problem becomes so large that it one day may not be addressable."

Organizations are realizing that the best way to achieve the big data promise—to leverage enterprise information for added value—is to proactively bridge data silos and better understand the information contained therein, which improves downstream data quality and analysis, he said.

"File analysis software solutions like ControlPoint and Storage Optimizer have become a critical first step to achieve these lofty goals," Garber said.