Hyperion Updates Essbase, Dashboards

Hyperion is rolling out the latest version of its Essbase OLAP server as well as a new release of business intelligence technology it acquired from Brio last year.

Hyperion Solutions Corp. will announce Tuesday the latest version of its Essbase OLAP server as well as a new release of business intelligence technology it acquired from Brio Software Inc. last year.

That technology, the former Brio Performance Suite, is called the Hyperion Performance Suite Version 8.2, which focuses mainly on improved, easier-to-use dashboards.

Together, Essbase 7 and the Hyperion Performance Suite of query, analysis, reporting and dashboard tools constitute the Hyperion Business Intelligence Platform, which the Sunnyvale, Calif., company also will unveil Tuesday, complementing its established Business Performance Management platform.

Hyperion will announce Tuesday that the new Business Intelligence platform runs on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform.

Essbase 7 moves OLAP, traditionally a process for historical data analysis, into predictive analytics, with the capability to model and predict future business outcomes. It also adds support for alerts and triggers, for notification of changes in key data points.

This version of Essbase supports the emerging XML for Analysis (XMLA) framework, enabling the deployment of data via the Web and integration with other Web-based applications, as well as the MDX query language, which allows for more detailed, complex analysis, such as product mix and market basket analysis, according to Hyperion officials.

Essbase 7 also features Unicode support so that applications in Essbase can be built once and deployed across multiple platforms, environments and languages, officials said.

Version 8.2 of the Hyperion Performance Suite focuses on making dashboards easy to build and use, even for non-technical users, with new capabilities for drag-and-drop data modeling, data query and personalized dashboard development. A new view manager enables managers to update dashboards with specific content and push those new dashboard views out to workgroups.

Improved integration of dashboarding and reporting tools has made it easier for users to publish reports for a broader range of information consumers, including employees, customers and partners, who get a more graphical view of the data, Hyperion officials said.

Hyperions Business Performance Management Suite, which is built on Essbase, will support Essbase 7 later in the year, officials said.