IBM Connections

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IBM Connections

There are 635,000 internal users of IBM Connections, including contractors.

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IBM has 20,000 blogs, and in 2005, a set of IBM employees-using a wiki-created the first set of guidelines for their colleagues who wanted to blog.

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IBM has more than 105,100.

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IBM has more than 74,800 communities, touching on just about everything Big Blue, from hardware and software to services and partners.

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IBM has more than 203,300 activities, designed to make it easier for IBMers and their teams to organize their work and plan their efforts.

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There are more than 1.33 million bookmarks, all designed to help Big Blue employees more easily find and access the Websites they routinely visit.

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Shared Files

There are 475,000 files shared (and 9.5 million downloads).

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IBM has 50,000 wikis, another way to enable employees to more easily collaborate.

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Locator Service

There are 31,000 IBM experts enrolled in Big Blue's Expertise Locator service.

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IBM has 400,000 unique users of its Sametime instant messaging within Big Blue.

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Daily Users

There are about 360,000 unique daily users of Sametime IM at IBM.

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Concurrent Users

During peak load at IBM, there are 230,000 concurrent users of Sametime.

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Messages Per Day

On any given day, there are 50 million Sametime instant messages shared within IBM.

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Messages Per Second

All that IMing translates to about 578 Sametime instant messages sent per second within IBM each day.

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There are 1.1 million Sametime log-ons each day at IBM.

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Every month, there are 30 million meeting minutes for LotusLive Meetings at IBM.

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IBMers also leverage Facebook, the world's largest social network: There are 198,000 current Big Blue employees on Facebook.

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Another 281,000 current IBM employees are on LinkedIn, with 16 million first-order connections and 615,000 IBM followers.

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Twitter is another popular social networking tool at the company, with more than 20,000 identified IBMers on the site.

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Indy Blogs

There are thousands of individual IBMers blogging on independent sites.

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IBM's how-to developer Website has 8 million users and 300,000 profiled members.

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GreaterIBM Connections

The GreaterIBM Connections group for current and former IBMers and retirees supports more than 100,000 IBM alumni on its network.

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Market Leader

Research firm IDC ranked IBM No. 1 in worldwide market share for social platform software for 2009 and 2010.

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IBM LotusLive has become IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. It's designed to simplify access to business-grade file sharing, social networking, communities, online meetings, instant messaging, email and calendar. In addition, IBM SmartCloud for Social Business will deliver a cloud-based productivity suite allowing users to co-edit documents in real time.

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IBM's new social software supports most popular mobile devices, including tablets. The software runs on Apple's iOS, Google's Android and RIM's BlackBerry platforms, and will soon be on Microsoft's Windows Phone.

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