IBM ILOG Issues New Products for Visualization, Optimization

ILOG, a company recently acquired by IBM, has released a new suite of optimization and visualization products designed to help reduce development time while allowing enterprise users to make more informed business decisions. IBM's acquisition of ILOG helped bolster its lines of optimization and visualization software.

ILOG, the French company acquired in January 2009 by IBM, has issued a new suite of optimization and visualization products, designed to save development time and interpret complex business data and logic for informed enterprise decisions.

Traditionally, ILOG's business has focused several product lines, including visualization software, which presents data for business users in a graphical manner, be it diagrams, charts, schedules and dashboards; they also concentrate on optimization software, utilizing algorithms to help executives and others make sound business decisions.

The new products play to both of the company's core areas:

IBM ILOGCPLEX 12: Designed to extend optimization to a variety of technical specialists, with specialized connectors, add-ins and interfaces for accessing CPLEX from tools such as MATLAB and Microsoft Excel-allowing the software to be tailored to industries such as energy, utilities and manufacturing.

IBM ILOGCP Optimizer: A "core optimization technology" for dealing with operational planning and scheduling issues.

IBM ILOGOPL-CPLEX Developer Edition and Analyst Studio: A product for developers and modelers seeking to building optimization models for planning and scheduling applications. The software in this instance utilizes features of IBM ILOG OPL Development Studio, as well as releases of IBM ILOG CPLEX and IBM ILOG CP Optimizer.

IBM ILOGOptimization Decision Manager (ODM) Enterprise3.3: IT groups can use this product to build internal planning and scheduling applications that leverage optimization technologies, for creating resource-efficient plans and schedules.

IBM ILOGGantt for .NET 4.0, IBMILOG Gantt for .NETfor Project Management 4.0, IBMILOG Diagram for .NET2.0: These three tools let .NET developers craft interactive rich Internet applications for planning and scheduling online services and applications, all with faster rendering and animation.

IBM ILOG claims that its visualization software can shave 50 to 80 percent off development time by making data more comprehensible and manageable. Customers of the subsidiary's products include airlines, ports, enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors, and banking and financial institutions.