IBM, Integritie Deliver Smarter ECM System to Analyze Big Data

IBM is partnering with Integritie to help Security First Insurance use big data to process claims; IBM also announced a new ECM system.

IBM announced that Security First Insurance, a homeowners' insurance firm based in Florida, is using smarter content software from IBM and partner Integritie to collect and analyze big data, including social media and email, to quickly begin the claims-resolution process for customers who have been impacted by a storm.

Using the combined IBM and Integritie solution, Security First Insurance can turn social media into an actionable communications channel during a major disaster. The software analyzes incoming messages sent by email and social media using text mining, text analytics and natural language processing to detect words that convey distress or identify significant property damage. Security First Insurance can then prioritize the messages and route them to proper personnel to promptly resolve the issue.

Headquartered in Ormond Beach, Fla., Security First Insurance serves nearly 180,000 customers. Florida has more people and property exposed to hurricanes than any state in the country, IBM noted.

During a typical month, Security First Insurance processes 700 claims for damaged property and possessions, which is less than one-half of 1 percent of its customer base, IBM said. However, in the aftermath of a hurricane, that number can swell to tens of thousands within days. In the past, customers submitted claims primarily by phone and sometimes email. Today, policyholders use any means available to connect with an agent or claims representative, including posting a question or comment on the company's Facebook page or Twitter feed.

"When customers experience a loss, our goal is to begin the recovery process as quickly as possible," Werner Kruck, chief operating officer at Security First Insurance, said in a statement. "IBM's big data analytics software allows us to automatically prioritize and route incoming messages saving us a tremendous amount of time and effort. Responding quickly to our clients to meet their expectations is our top priority, and IBM is helping to make that possible."

The text analysis in the software helps Security First Insurance filter incoming communications that might contain profanity, for instance, and audit outbound messages. The IBM and Integritie solution logs all social networking interaction, captures content, monitors incoming and outgoing messages and archives all communication for compliance review. Security First Insurance can also easily link specific content to expedite the loss recovery process for policyholders. For example, the software automatically captures incoming social media and email content and attachments and stores it in a central repository to maintain, control and integrate into the appropriate business process for the customer.

"Getting insight from big data is helping Security First Insurance build a bridge between social media posts and the claim process," Lee Hunt, IBM's Enterprise Content Management leader, said in a statement. "The system in place is also a great example of IBM and Integritie working together to solve a business problem that can directly affect people's lives."

Meanwhile, to further advance the ability to access, mine and discover key insights into big data, including social media assets, IBM also announced the IBM Content Foundation (ICF), a new content management solution for customers and partners. ICF provides a cross-industry enterprise content management (ECM) solution for document management, custom application development and ECM consolidation. ICF makes it easier to discover, improve, secure and preserve social content.