IBM's MessageSight: Unboxing the New Machine-to-Machine Appliance

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IBM's MessageSight: Unboxing the New Machine-to-Machine Appliance

by Darryl K. Taft

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IBM MessageSight Unboxed and Operational in 30 minutes

This demo will show that IBM's new MessageSight appliance can be unboxed and set up in 30 minutes.

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Thinking Inside the Box

Here's a new IBM MessageSight appliance inside its box with the seals newly broken.

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At First Glimpse

This is the view of the appliance upon pulling back the covers on the IBM MessageSight box. The time stamp shows only 1:50 minutes into the process.

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Quick Start Guide

The appliance comes with a brief quick start guide to get users up and running rapidly.

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A Two-Person Job

Unboxing the IBM MessageSight appliance is better as a two-person job.

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Outside the Box

Once outside the box, this is a view of the front of the appliance.

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Put It on the Rack

Installers put MessageSight on a rack where it will be housed.

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Everything Falls Into Place

MessageSight is sitting pretty in its slot at 11:41 minutes into the process.

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Right Where It Belongs

Installers slide MessageSight back into its housing compartment at 11:44 minutes into the process.

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View From the Back

This is a view of the back of MessageSight.

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Setting Up the Cables

Installers simply attach all the requisite cables to the appliance.

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How Your New Appliance Looks

This is a view of the new appliance set into place and ready for configuration at 15:00.

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Turning It On

IBM's installer turns the system on with the touch of a button at 15:01.

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Configuring the System

At 20:52 minutes into the process, an installer uses the quick start guide to help get the configuration process started.

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Getting Started After Installation

On a different machine, a user prepares to put MessageSight to use.

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Logging Onto the System

This slide shows the log-in screen for the MessageSight appliance.

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Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Don't forget to agree to the licensing terms for the technology on this page displaying the license agreement.

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You're Almost There

At this point, you're almost there. You just have to define your environment by setting a few parameters at 24:57 minutes into the process.

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Up and Running

The MessageSight appliance is up and running, taking stock of all kinds of data flowing from mobile devices and sensors at 27:07 minutes into the installation process.

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Under the Deadline

Following the appliance's quick start guide, this demo shows that MessageSight can go from the box to operational in less than 30 minutes, 27:19 to be exact.

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