IDS Scheer, WebV2 Team on Mobile Business Processes

The partnership will result in a federated approach to managing business processes, extending business processes to mobile devices.

Business process modeling software developer IDS Scheer Inc. announced Monday a partnership with WebV2 Inc. that will result in a federated approach to managing business processes, which will extend business processes to mobile devices.

WebV2, of Mountain View, Calif., makes distributed business process execution software that enables process connectivity through loosely coupled interfaces, officials said. This allows processes to be defined and deployed independently of an overriding application or system.

The distributed process management functionality also enables users to link autonomous nodes—mobile users or partners, for example—to a process chain.

Through the partnership, WebV2 will integrate Berwyn, Pa.-based IDS Scheers Aris Toolset into its namesake Business Process Connectivity Solution. The combined software will help those companies with decentralized environments that need to integrate data.

The integrated software will be based on the Business Process Execution Language standard BPEL4WS, an XML-based description designed to facilitate task-sharing in a distributed computing environment, using a combination of Web services, officials said.

"We are looking forward to expanding the functionality of our business process execution solution by integrating the Aris Toolset to build a new process distribution platform," Steve Stephansen, president and CEO of WebV2, said in a statement. "For the first time we can take the power of BPM to the mobile user and enable organizations to deliver the next generation of process innovation."