iLife Overhaul Proves Worthwhile

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iLife Overhaul Proves Worthwhile

by P. J. Connolly

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Powerful, Yet Inexpensive

iLife 11 is available in a single-user license for $49 or a five-license Family Pack for $79; it is free with purchases of new Mac hardware.

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Photos Filed by Event

The date a photo was taken is used by iPhoto to sort images; each day can be designated as a single entry or broken into events.

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New Book Building Options

The book creation options in iPhoto 11 include a new interface for project layout and display.

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Organize Photos with Face Recognition

iPhotos facial recognition tools allow users to automatically tag images with names of those who frequently appear in photographs.

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Turn Photos into Letterpress Cards

Users can take advantage of Apples online printing services to create professional-looking letterpress cards and other materials.

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Add Professional Themes to Video Projects

iMovie 11 adds new project themes to its repertoire, taken from the worlds of news and sport.

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No-Fuss Slow Motion and Replay

Also new in iMovie 11 is the ability to invoke instant replay and slow motion effects with a single click.

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Mix Up Music

GarageBand 11 gives users a powerful set of audio editing tools and prerecorded musical tracks; exiting audio files are easily imported.

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The Whole Package

iLife 11 includes current versions of iDVD and iWeb as well as the new GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto; it takes about a half-hour to install everything.

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